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Easy excursions and walks starting from the Son Forca Refuge

Panoramic point and the lake

Walk to the artificial lake in Val Padeon: one way 15 minutes and return 25.
Near the lake of Son Forca and the homonymous pass, the inevitable and suggestive panoramic point with a view towards the Marmarole, Sorapiss, Tre Croci pass, Cortina and its mountains.

Zumeles saddle

Short excursion to the panoramic point of the Cortina valley with its well-known mountains, from the crest or from the small terrace which can be accessed through a small tunnel dug during the First World War. Trail no. 205. Round trip 1h and 45 min.


  • Descent via Zumeles saddle to Cortina 2h and 45m
  • Descent via Zumeles saddle to Rio Gere 2h and 30m.
Val Padeon

It's an easy route that follows path 203 up to Ospitale along the verdant Val Padeon (2h). It's possible to continue walking the Cortina Dobbiaco cycle path up to Cortina.

Tre Croci pass – Rio Gere

From the Refuge, it is possible to descend along path 203 to Tre Croci pass(1h) or Rio Gere (1h and 20m). It is the fastest route to reach Son Forca if you don't want to take the chairlift.

Summer chairlift Cristallo
By chairlift to Mount Cristallo

Via ferratas

Superb aided routes in a majestic setting

Important: the Staunies cable car that connects the Son Forca Refuge with the Lorenzi Refuge is closed until the construction of a new one. Therefore, the ascent or descent of the Staunies gully must be considered in the travel times of the itineraries (about 2h uphill - about 1h downhill).

Marino Bianchi

It's a short and simple itinerary that can be combined with the nearby via Ivano Dibona.
Rio gere - Son Forca – Staunies saddle (Lorenzi Refuge) - Cima di Mezzo – and back to Lorenzi Refuge (3 hours).

Difficulty: AD

Ivano Dibona

The Dibona equipped path can be counted among the most suggestive high-altitude paths in the Dolomites.

Recommended route: Rio gere - Son Forca - Staunies saddle (Lorenzi Refuge) - Granda saddle - Padeon. Return to Ospitale or ascent to Son Forca.

Reverse route: departure from Ospitale - arrival Lorenzi currently closed (7h). Recommended return Lorenzi Refuge-Staunies gully - Son Forca.

Difficulty: D

Terza Cengia

The Terza Cengia of the Pomagagnon is an equipped route which, despite not presenting particular difficulties, is very exposed and spectacular trail in some points.

Ascent: the ascent is recommended from one of the squares along the state road in the location La Vera or the Putti Heliotherapy Institute.

Follow path 202 up to the start of the Terza Cengia (trail sign 205). The via ferrata ends at Punta Erbing from where you descend along a clear track up to Zumeles saddle.

Difficulty: EEA

Mountain bike and E-bike

The Rio Gere - Son Forca lift is set up for bike transport

You can reach our Refuge by taking the chairlift that leaves from Rio Gere (the chairs have a special hook for transporting bicycles), then descend towards Tre Croci pass or Ospitale / Cortina by taking path 203.

Tour Cortina - Faloria - Son Forca - Cortina

Cortina - funivia Faloria - rifugio Faloria - Rio Gere - seggiovia Rio Gere Son Forca - rifugio Son Forca - Cortina per Ospitale

Loop Cortina – Son Forca - Cortina

From Cortina, follow the cycle path towards Dobbiaco, once reached Ospitale, take the dirt road n.203 on the right, which goes up through Val Padeon and arrives at Son Forca pass. From there, take a detour for another 10 minutes uphill towards the Son Forca Refuge or continue downhill, always following the number 203 until you reach Tre Croci pass, then turn right onto the state road to return downhill to Cortina.

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