The refuge

A gemstone on the Cristallo

From 1955 to today

Built near the homonymous Son Forca saddle, the Refuge has been managed for over fifty years by the Siorpaes family.

Built to coincide with the opening of the first section of the Mount Cristallo cable cars between 1955 and 1956, it initially took the name of Baron Franchetti Refuge.
In 1961 it was taken over by Roberto Siorpaes and in the 1960s and 1970s it was expanded by him until it became the current Son Forca Refuge.
Roberto Siorpaes, national skier, and Yvonne Rüegg, Swiss Olympic skier at Squaw Valley, are the parents of Tina, who now runs the refuge with her husband.

The history of Son Forca Refuge
The history of Son Forca Refuge

The ambience

The Son Forca Refuge enjoys a magnificent panorama that can be admired at all hours of the day.

The large terrace of the refuge welcomes guests, a space from which the view runs along the profiles of the Dolomite peaks that seem to embrace the observer.
The terrace is also a solarium and a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy tasty and traditional dishes such as "casunziei" and pork shank.
The interior spaces are also comfortable and illuminated by large windows. The photographs and watercolors by Giulio Siorpaes characterize the refuge and make it more authentic than ever. A magical atmosphere that you can turn in an unforgetable memory by sleeping in one of our rooms.

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Rifugio Son Forca
Località Grava di Stounìes
Cortina D'Ampezzo (BL)

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